Centre Details

Arsikere: Horticulture Research Station, University of Horticulture Science (UHS), Bagalkot, Karnataka

Year of establishment: 1976

General information

The Horticulture Research Station, Arsikere is situated at 76o 15’ E longitude and 13o 15’ N latitude with an altitude of 808 m MSL. The soils are red sandy loam to medium black clay soils. The soils having alkali pH range between (7– 8). The soils are low in available nitrogen (254.1 kg N/ha) and phosphorous (19.0 kg P2O5/ha) and medium in available potassium (246.0 kg K2O/ha). The average an annual rainfall of the region is 815 mm which is distributed mainly during April to October. There are two peaks in rainfall distribution, one in May and the other in October. The mean minimum temperature ranges from 11.0oC (January) to 19.3oC (June) and the maximum temperature ranges from 27.9oC (December) to 35.4oC (March). The mean relative humidity ranges from 49.1% (March) to 75.0% (August). The local Tiptur tall is predominant variety gown as sol crop and major production of coconut is used for making copra and tender nut purpose.

Staff details

Name Designation Phone No
Dr. R. Siddappa Senior Scientist (Horticulture) 09449872865
Dr.Manjunath Hubbali Scientist (Plant Pathology) 08971639748
Dr. G. S. Chandrasekhar Scientist (Entomology) 8880678986
Mrs. Shweta Technical Assistant --
Mr.K.E.Dayananda Technical Assistant --