Centre Details

Gangavathi: University of Horticulture Sciences, Bagalkot, Karnataka

Year of establishment: 1989

General information

The All India Co-ordinated Research Project on Palms (Oil palm), Agricultural Research Station Gangavati belong to Koppal district of Karnataka state comes under the purview of University of Horticultural Sciences, Bagalkot and was established in 1988-89. The centre is situated at 15027" N latitude and 76031" E longitude and at an altitude of 428 m above MSL. The centre is situated in the heart of Tungabhadra command and is fed by left bank canal where water is available for a period of 9 months from August to April. The soil of the centre is medium deep black clay belonging to order vertisol. The pH of the soil is neutral to slightly alkaline (8.2-8.4). The soil is low in available N (247 kg/ha), medium in available P (23.8 kg P2O5/ha) and high in available K (455 kg K2O/ha). The mean rain fall of the station for a period of 25 years was about 520 mm distributed over 35-36 rainy days. Peak rainfall was observed during the month of September and October (118.5 mm &108.5 mm). Higher mean monthly maximum temperature was observed in the month of April & May (36.9Co & 38.0 Co). While mean minimum temperature was the lowest in the months of December (12.2 Co) & November (14.7 Co). The mean relative humidity was higher in the month of July (73.45%) followed by the month of June (73.0%). While it was lowest in the month of March (44.45%) followed by the month of April (49.4)

Staff details

Name Designation Phone No
Dr. Jagadeesha Assistant Professor Agronomy) 9844350675
Ms. Chandravathi.B Research Assistant (Technical) --